3 Smart Tips For Dating The Disabled

Summary: Are you currently in the process of wooing someone that is less able-bodied than yourself? There are a couple of things you should probably be aware of before you embark on this new relationship. Check out this three smart tips!

If you are currently thinking about dating a disabled partner, there are a couple of things that you will need to know. Without a shadow of a doubt, dating and disability are two things that are guaranteed to separate the wheat from the chaff, so to speak, and as much as there are a lot of things that you can still do together, there are certain limitations that you may find as a couple…

Don’t Be Naive

If you think you can sail through the relationship with your partner without anything needing to change away from the ‘norm’ you are very much mistaken. There are going to be limitations and these are things that you should be aware of, and take on board, right from the very beginning. You will need to be realistic about the relationship that you see embarking before you. You shouldn’t be afraid to bring it up and talk about it – chances are your partner already is aware of the challenges that the two of you may face as a couple.

Talk About It!

The more you ignore it, the more it will become the ‘elephant in the room’ as they say. You shouldn’t be afraid to ask questions, and be questionable about the disability. There is nothing wrong with asking these questions. They are a disabled person and they have probably heard these questions a thousand times before. They are expecting these questions. In fact, it might even be weird if you didn’t ask the questions…

Don’t be afraid to step a little out of your comfort zone and TALK ABOUT the relationship that you are thinking of having. Ask the silly questions that you think will be laughed at. There is a good chance that they are assuming you are thinking just that anyway…

Disabled Dating Doesn’t Mean No Dating!

Just because various parts of the body doesn’t work, doesn’t mean that other’s don’t. The heart still works, as do the loins, and you shouldn’t disregard a person that is asking you out on a date just because they happen to be disabled. Yes there is a good chance that it will take some getting used to, but aren’t all love stories just a series of challenges?

You are going to face physical challenges and at times, there may even be mental and emotional challenges that you’ll need to overcome too. There’s nothing wring with asking the questions before you decide to take the relationship further… If they aren’t ready to answer your questions about their disability, they probably aren’t ready to date yet.

It often helps to have a sense of humour about things so if you find yourself in an uncomfortable situation, don’t be afraid to use a little light humour to get yourself out of it. Once again, there’s a good chance your partner will really appreciate the icebreaker, as well as the fact that you will have eased a little bit of tension! Dating the disabled is really quite easy when you know how!